Since we've established that you're an action taker, how about we kick it up a notch?

 Scale your business to 6-figures and more using the exact framework myself and so many others have used!

Learn how to start a business from scratch, scale it to the sky & attract premium clients,
WITHOUT having to commit the same mistakes others have made before you.

You have an AMAZING idea and it is your dream to have a business of your own & to be your own boss...

But, you are so OVERWHELMED with all of the million things that need to be done and have no idea where to start..

I was right where you are currently, only a few years ago..

Bustling with ideas, but super confused and overwhelmed about creating my own business..

just imagine..

What if you could scale your business to 6-figures using a few simple Tools, Dynamic Trainings and some Mind Blowing Tips from wildly successful women?

Let me introduce you to women who were right where you are, today....

"Lady Boss Enterprise has given me the power to take control of my future and has allowed me a space for growth and encouragement."

Erica Long
"This is really a One-Stop-Shop for all entrepreneur and development needs! No more 24 different webinars from 24 different people AND a community of like-minded ladies to learn from!? AND a BOOK CLUB!? It's everything I've needed to be successful AND MORE!!! Check it out!"
Stephanie Hoover

Want to know what is common between these two women?  
They were ACTION TAKERS who decided to join Lady Boss Society and Scale their business to the sky!

Hey Ladies!

I'm Angela, the CEO of Lady Boss Society

Whether you’re pre-start or ready to scale, you’ve landed in the right place.
Lady Boss Society supports women to build their businesses and scale it to the next level!

When I started my first business in 2004, I was equally clueless and confused. 
After years of experimenting and learning, I've figured out how to... 

  • Generate a 6-figure income doing something I love
  • Publish several books
  • Build a website from content through graphic and development
  • ​​Build an email list of over 100,000 subscribers
  • ​​Successfully start and grow numerous businesses

It was then I realized that it was my PURPOSE to help motivated women like you achieve all that I did..


Inside our platform, we'll show you the exact framework we used to grow our most successful businesses

An inside behind the scenes series of what we did for success and how you can literally copy us.
Community Support to succeed faster with less mistakes.
Creative Trainings and Learning Pathways. 
We make your content visible to make things easier to get customers so you can get your time back.

"There’s nothing more frustrating than getting stuck growing my business."
"All I want is to find someone to answer my questions and help me avoid critical mistakes."
 "It would be really nice to find collaborations or get exposure to my business."
Sound familiar? 

That is why we created Lady Boss Society, a community of women who come together to help each other with their business, empower each other.

What's included?


01  Success Kit Checklist

The exact framework we use to grow successful businesses. Value - $25,000

02  Dynamic Trainings & Learning Pathways

Designed for both beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs .​​ Value- $500-$2997 per course (New Courses Monthly)

03 Hosted Site

Save time and money on building your business website with our hosted site. Value- $120 a year

04 Live Q & A Sessions

Ask questions and get answers on what you're learning or implementing in your business so that you can level up and keep moving forward. 

05 Supportive Community

Create friendships, collaborate and meet potential clients. Value- Priceless

06 Backstage Pass

An inside behind the scenes series of what we did for success and how you can literally copy us.

07 Empowered Women Interviews

Cut down your learning time by following in the steps of others. Succeed faster with less mistakes.

08 Regular Masterclasses

New Masterclass every month to level up your business and get the results you want.

09 Refer & Earn Center

Dozens of simple ways to make money online, get exposure, and acquire new customers. 

10 Marketplace

Get your business in front of your future customers.

11 FB Group

24/7 support on tap from Team LBS and other members.

Plus Group Travel Opportunities, Book Club and Much Much MORE!

That's well over $50K in info and access!
You'd actually be crazy not to join ;)
  • Success Kit Checklist: $25,0000
  • Monthly Trainings:  $500-$2997 per course
  • Hosted Site: $120 per year
  • Live Q & A: Priceless
  • ​Regular Masterclasses: 
  • Refer & Earn Center: 
  • Marketplace:
  • Facebook group & Community: 
  • Backstage Passes & Empowered Women Interviews:

Total Value: $50,000+

Your Price: $50,000
$49.99/m or $499.99/yr

Want more?

The first 100 amazing ladies who TAKES ACTION to be a part of Lady Boss Society,
will be given a Founder's Spot, and have their Picture and Bio published on our Home Page!

Extensive visibility to your business, wouldn't you LOVE it?

So, HURRY UP and join the program before you lose this opportunity!

How do we actually help you?


We have created a space where like minded women can find other like minded women to build relationships with, create villages, learn strategies to build successful businesses and life stories all while inspiring and empowering other women.
Ask questions, get support, and find collaborations for your business.

Cut down your learning time and tap into the experience and expertise of your fellow entrepreneurs so that you can succeed faster, with less mistakes. 
It’s not just about WHAT you know, it’s also WHO you know.


Learn the in's and outs of business in an easy to digest, simple to follow way through PDF materials and videos trainings designed for both beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs.

  • Mindset - We'll teach you how to condition yourself for success so you can reach your goals.
  • Organization - In this section we'll focus on the best time management and organization skills to help you achieve your business goals in the quickest way possible. 
  • Business Basics- From your vision through creating your brand, we'll teach you the essentials.
  • List Building- Game changer. What you wish you knew before.
  • ​Life- Sometimes business isn't everything and we just need a break for fun.
  • ​Marketing and Growth- We'll guide you on the best path to scale your company as quickly as possible. 
  • ​Blogging and Websites- If you're just starting out, this is the area to go to get the 411 on the perfect site.
  • Money! Money! Money!- Okay who doesn't like money? We'll teach you how to fund your business with no out of pocket expenses. 


We have defined a clear path to get you down the fastest path to succeed.
Inside our platform we have learning pathways and one of them is our success kit checklist. It's the exact framework we used to grow our most successful businesses.
Our backstage pass will keep you from making the same mistakes we did as well as provide smooth sailing with the things we have found to work.
Keep yourself on the path to success.
Learn, Develop and Grow.

Choose the plan that best suits you!


Total Boss Lady
Billed monthly, no set up fee.


Savings of $100
Billed annually, no set up fee.

Cancel Anytime.
Try it!  You’ve got nothing to lose.


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